Borderline Personality Disorder Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Personality disorders are usually accompanied with some other psychological disorder, but it is possible for these to appear individually. These disorders represent some permanent personality characteristics which are preventing the one involved to behave regularly in the community. Asocial personality is also a disorder considered to be socially unacceptable. These types of persons show a lack of social norms and irresponsibility towards other people. Persons with such disorders are usually lacking in morals and tend not to show any emotions even in most dire of situations. However, asocial personality disorders are very rare as these aren’t persons who indicate this type of behavior.

Recognizing borderline personality disorder symptoms

Persons with this disorder will show difficulties at work or in school, manifesting with hyperactivity, being a “work-a-holic” or the complete opposite, when the person is underachieving. Besides business and education consequences, these patients will show social based symptoms as well. They find it hard to meet new people and make new friends, having a rough time maintaining old friends. Persons who are affected with such people in the social life will find it hard to socialize with them and the entire event of socializing will prove to be rather stressful.

It is a bit difficult to differentiate personality disorders from other similar psychological disorders. This type of disorder is much more common with women rather than men, while the antisocial personality disorder manifests in men more commonly, but it’s very difficult to find reasons for this.


A combination of medications and psychological therapy is a standard procedure used in treatment of borderline personality disorder. It is necessary to determine specific symptoms of the disorders and combine multiple medications to find the best balance and whether these have any positive effect. Anti-depressants are considered to be the highest efficient medication to be used here, as they can significantly reduce anger, impulsive-aggressive behavior, especially verbal aggression and quick shifts in overall psychology and behavior.

Due to the chaotic nature of life of patients suffering from borderline personality disorder, the stability needs to be emphasized on early in the treatment progress. The therapy needs to be formed and confirmed for later effect and easier monitoring.

Psychological therapy for such conditions can be quite costly, which is considered to be the biggest obstacle in establishing a proper and efficient treatment procedure. It’s most difficult to ignore patient’s aggression as anyone involved in their life will have a feeling of being accused for no reason. Borderline personality disorder patients are looking for a weak object and they expect to re-create some previously experienced bad events. The therapist needs to help the patient realize the unconscious decisions being made and to interpret patient’s fear of integrating bad and good aspects of their own personality, which is the result of intensive hatred felt inside.

This is a very lengthy procedure and highly depends on the expertise and time frame included in the progress. Multiple psychiatrists may be required in order to get the highest effect out of the therapy.

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