Benefits of Liquid Vitamin D

Vitamin D is probably the only vitamin not being discussed in the world of nutrition. This might be due to the fact that it’s entirely free – your body creates it if there is enough sunlight to accelerate the creation. Since pharmacies aren’t able to sell sunlight, promoting vitamin D and its benefits doesn’t really make much sense. This is why a lot of people don’t know a lot about how important vitamin D actually is for one’s health. According to some latest researches, vitamin D prevents osteoporosis, depression and some types of cancer while it also has a significant effect on diabetes and obesity.


Vitamin D is commonly referred to as vitamin of the sun and it’s been a long time since it was first sorted with the rest of the vitamins. On most of its characteristics one might sort vitamin D with hormones. Today, vitamin D is best known for its ability to prevent and treat rachitic conditions, especially with children.

There are seven vitamins included in the vitamin D group, all of which show variations in the side chains. When you’re discussing vitamin D in its most precise sense one thinks about a mixture of the vitamin D2 and D3.

It can synthesize in the body under the influence of ultraviolet rays from other vitamins, but it can also be consumed over food. Fish, meat and milk are foods which contain the highest percentage of vitamin D. Primary role of vitamin D is to maintain a balance between calcium and other phosphates in blood plasma. It also motivates its absorption from the digestive track, working to build powerful bone structure and healthy teeth so it’s very efficient in children development.

A lack of vitamin D is clinically manifested with hypocalcaemia, hypophosphatemia and general demineralization of bone structure, bone aches, spontaneous fractures and muscle weakness. This is caused by an inadequate absorption of calcium and other phosphates. This can lead to a condition called rachitic, which is a metabolic disorder of the bones. Bones tend to go soft and are easy to deform so teeth and other bones may go defective. If one consumes vitamin D excessively, calcium metabolism is disturbed and first symptoms of the problem are shown such as digestive disorders, loss of weight, anemia and depression.

Importance of vitamin supplements for children

A good balance and a diversity of foods found in your child’s menu are quite important and your child can benefit mostly from fresh ingredients, plenty of fruits and vegetables and grains. Parents are often doubtful whether or not they should provide their child with supplements such as liquid vitamin d, especially if he or she is showing some health related issue and avoiding consummation of nutrient rich foods. The same issues may arise in the winter to spring period which can exhaust such young bodies as children are highly sensitive towards changes.

Vitamin D is of great importance for children as it provides for good bone and teeth development as well as calcium absorption.

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