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Today there are a lot of ingredient-specific allergies that actually represent quite a big problem. It seems that there are always new ingredients being included into allergens lists, where you can find beer as well, as hard it is to believe. Scientific researches and analysis have confirmed this allergy as official, but it’s important to know that there are special types of beer that do not cause allergy symptoms to people who are allergic to regular beer. In most cases allergy is linked to hyper sensitivity to plant matter found in the beer, containing the so called irregular lipid transfer proteins (LTP). This fact has been scientifically proven and used in order to produce beers not containing this allergen. A study about beer allergy mentions an example of a 45 year old man who experienced severe issues with his breathing after beer consummation. Testing with over 36 different kinds of beer has showed that he was allergic to 30 of those types and there was no reaction to the leftover six types of beer. This shines a bit of hope to the whole problem, as this is not something you would expect for most allergies – being able to find almost the same product not inducing allergy symptoms is rather positive.

Analyzing Your Allergy

Allergies can cause a whole variety of symptoms, starting from mild rashes and irritations all the way up to serious respiratory problems, blood pressure falling and similar. In order to determine what exact ingredient are you allergic to, it’s important not to test this on your own as you might trigger an intense and unwanted reaction. Usually people doubt that they are allergic towards a specific grocery or ingredient, but many of them tend to confuse this with intolerances, which is another type of a condition.

In terms of beer specifically, there are a couple of critical ingredients you might look into. To start with, beer contains a lot of yeast, which is a known allergen and most usually this is what is causing your “beer allergies”. Yeast allergies usually cause same symptoms as all other allergies, because this is more of a body reaction to a specific ingredient. Your immunological system is a bit confused about what it needs to fight against so there is a defensive reaction in order to prevent you from consuming it any longer.

Also, alcohol is an important part of beer, which can also cause allergies, but not as intensively as yeast. However, allergy towards alcohol does exist so it’s not something you can simply eliminate. These two allergens are 99% the cause for your beer drinking allergies so keep this in mind. In order to check this out, try an alcohol-free beer. This should give you an idea whether you are allergic to yeast or alcohol. Obviously, if you don’t experience any reaction while drinking non-alcoholic beer, than alcohol might be the allergen you’re looking for. It’s best to visit a physician to confirm your newly discovered allergy with a skin test.

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