Banana Allergy and its Symptoms

Bananas are quite healthy and provide you with plenty of energy and can easily be your replacement for candy if you’re on a diet. However, allergies caused by bananas can cause some serious reactions and are known to be among the most intensive ones. The problem gets bigger once you realize that today many products contain different, unexpected ingredients in traces, making determination whether there is an ingredient you’re allergic to in there or not. Fortunately, on the label of the product you’re purchasing you should see if there are any specific ingredients found in traces. Bananas are not commonly found in traces though, but still keep an eye on that label.

What Causes Allergy to Bananas?

This is an allergy as any other and it’s usually caused by a disturbance in your immunological system. Basically, your body might be programmed to battle an ingredient as it’s suggesting it might be harmful to you. Allergies in general are quite annoying and it might be difficult to determine what exact grocery are you allergic to, so you might need to write down what are you eating and analyze any changes you’re experiencing over the day.


Allergies carry similar symptoms in general and they are far from ignorable. In most cases, people suffering from banana allergy will experience symptoms of different intensity, depending on how intensive the allergy itself is. An usual beginner’s symptom would be oral irritation after consuming a banana, while if you’re suffering with a more intensive disorder you might experience face redness, difficulties breathing, pain in your sinuses, loud breathing, diarrhea and many others.

Mild symptoms are usually more annoying as it is difficult to pinpoint whether the disturbance you are experiencing is caused by a specific ingredient or is it all about the environment you’re in. Intensive symptoms kick in shortly after consummation of the product you’re allergic to, and are usually manifested locally. This means that it’s possible to know if you’re allergic to bananas simply by performing a skin test with a real, fresh banana. It’s best to perform this test in a medical institution as qualified personnel is required in order to safely confirm the allergy, because the intensity of the allergy is quite important in order for you to know what to do next and how to behave.

Coping With Allergy

Most allergies are hereditary but can be developed in a sensitive phase; for an example, after operation your mucus might be vulnerable to some allergens and this is a period when you need to consume clean and non-allergenic products which will help you go through this sensitive period without acquiring an allergy syndrome. If this does happen, your allergy will slowly develop, as long as you don’t stay away from the allergenic product you’ve got allergic to.

It is possible to completely rid yourself from the allergy if you stay away from the allergen until you get a confirmation that your allergy towards bananas is gone – this usually doesn’t work as easily for inherited allergies, which are usually present your entire life.

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