Ayurveda method of Curing Cancer

There are many diseases out there for which modern medicine hasn’t found a proper solution yeat – AIDS, cancer and many other auto-immune disorders are all a part of this. To begin with, these conditions have a very complicated way of acting and can pose a threat to any part of your life, body and mind. Dozens of methods are required just to slow down the progress of these diseases which often carry a whole list of side effects of their own.

Ayurveda methods and principles

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old Indian principle of using natural substances for healing procedures. Most of these principles mentioned in Ayurveda do take many clinical features into account, acknowledging these methods as well with different names.

For an example, even the diseases have their own manifestation in Ayurveda, like Pandu for Leukemia, Raktagulma for uterus tumors and so forth.

Understanding cancer

We hear about cancers almost on a daily basis and it is one of the most spread conditions in the modern world. To put it simply, it is a condition where your body loses control of growth, creating malicious cells and spreading the cancer all over the body, which then draws energy from vital organs.

Cell division is the main principle at which cancer spreads. It is a system we need for our own, regular body growth, but in case of malfunctions things can go haywire. It’s all about how well are the cells being copied – if the daughter cell is different from the mother cell, then mutation is in order and these new cells definitely represent a threat to your health. Mutated cells tend to multiply rapidly and in an abnormal way, which then creates a significant mass of cancer cells.

Metastasis is basically a remote cancer cells group which can spread from the core to any part of your body, usually over blood. Once it does that, the cancer cells can nest on another similar and important organ to further multiply and increase the overall disease’s efficiency. There is no telling about where and when do metastases occur and your original cancer may start in the kidney, move to the lungs and then affect the bones.

This spreading procedure is extremely fast, raising the fatality bar for most cancers very high; people may die from this condition within 6 months of diagnosis. With countless remedies out there which are considered to have even the slightest positive effect against cancer, it is sometimes difficult to know what you can do to help your condition quickly and efficiently. Modern medicine usually gives up on cancer treatment as there is not much you can do once the cancer reaches a certain fatal stage.

Ayurveda may help

There are several ways in which Ayurveda may help your condition by managing and keeping the cancer under control. Here is a list of well-known Ayurveda medicines that may help you:

  • Ayurveda preparations can help you fight against cancer
  • These medicines can help you target tissues affected with the cancer
  • Ayurveda is considered to be the best co-therapy, going with radiotherapy and it also has an important role in post-surgery treatments
  • These medicines have an important role in reducing the side effects of regular medicine therapies against cancer
  • Generally, Ayurveda anti-cancer preparations can slow down the cancer’s progress

Working together

Ayurveda shows highest potential as the co-therapy in cancer treatment. Chemo is one of the most efficient therapies available for cancer out there but it uses extremely strong chemicals that often leave traces on your overall appearance and health. Dealing with the toxicity of these chemicals is no laughing matter and Ayurveda can definitely assist you with this regard.

Antioxidants during chemotherapy may even improve the therapy efficiency. Most commonly prescribed treatments are Punarnava, Chebula,  Embellica officinale and Terminalia. These medicines have shown great effect in terms of battling with the side effects of chemotherapy and patients who received it showed excellent results in terms of overall vitality.

About 50 scientific studies have been made about these preparations and they do work. They are extremely effective and should be considered as obligatory methods used for cancer treatment.

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