Autism Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

In order to recognize autism you might need to use special diagnostic instruments and protocols, but there are some signs that might indicate it. If your child is often showing behavioral issues there might be reasons for you to do some research. A part of this behavior isn’t always related to autism yet for some other development disorders, psychological issues as well as educational problems which are commonly present alongside with autism. If your child acts deaf a lot, trying to ignore everything happening around and tries to distance itself from any situations this might be caused by autism. It seems as if your child doesn’t acknowledge dangerous situations, showing no fear with approaching unknown persons and animals. These signs are considered to be the most common indications for autism during childhood.


Autism and the whole specter of autism related conditions are seriously complicated neurodevelopment disorders. There are multiple causes suggested for these, but still, their ethology isn’t completely known and rationalized. Many researchers are still working hard to understand what is causing autism. The hereditary factor is significant, about 90% but the mechanics of autism genetics are yet to be discovered and understood. It is still not known which genes specifically are responsible for autism. In rare cases you will find autism being linked to specific teratogens which is matter known to damage the fetus; there are other suggested causes, such as the one correlated to improper vaccination. However, this cause is considered to be controversial and for a vaccination hypothesis there are scientifically established proofs that need to be found.


Autism is an extreme state of self-isolation as well as subduing from any social contacts during an early development phase. Obsessive requirement for the environment to remain same as well as daily routines, preoccupation with objects which are used on an unusual and non-functional way, rituals and stereotypical behavior … The list of symptoms goes on and on. The main pathogenic disorder with children suffering from autism is the inability to establish a normal relationship with people and things from the first encounters. Parents describe this condition as having no need to communicate with others, like they are closed in a shell, being happiest when they are alone.


The goal of autism treatment is for one to improve and control the symptoms and general functioning of the individual. A one-sided treatment hasn’t proven to be good enough and the therapy is usually adapted to the child’s needs. If one moves early with intensive and persistent programs of education and behavioral therapy, the child can accomplish a significant level of social and business skills.

An empirical support is the one thing missing in autism treatment. It seems as if givers of these services tend to ignore scientific proofs and stick with marketing and parent demands. These poorly organized institutions are a very serious problem which have caused a lot of problems ever since 2005 until today. The treatment is followed by extreme financial expenses, most of which are indirect.

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