Asbestos Lung Cancer

Cancer is a genetic disease that arise from changes to genes that control the way our body cells function especially as it concerns cell division or growth. This means that cancers are caused when some cells or a cell grows or divides abnormally and without ceasing to divide. It is an uncontrolled growth of cells that result to cancer. These changes to genes that cause abnormal growth of cells can be hereditary or environmental. Cancers arise from various parts of our body such as breast, eye, cervix, lungs, and kidney and so on. Environmental sources that can cause or trigger cancer include exposure or intake some lights, radiation, chemicals.

Causes of Asbestos Lung Cancer

In this article, we will consider and discuss lungs cancer that is caused by Asbestos. This variation of lung cancer is called Asbestos lung cancer. This is simply explained as a cancer of the lungs that is caused or triggered by exposure of the lungs to high amount toxic Asbestos fibers which is either inhaled or ingested. Poisonous fibers from Asbestos can cause other diseases such as mesothelioma or other very threatening diseases.

These toxic and poisonous fiber from Asbestos can trigger genetic changes which will cause genes to behave abnormal and in extension, results into abnormal growth or division in the cells.  The fiber of the Asbestos attack the mesothelial cells when inhaled in large amount. With time, the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) gets destroyed or damaged that will lead to cancer. The exposure of the mesothelial cells to Asbestos fiber is the fundamental and basic cause of Asbestos Lung cancer. Ordinary Lung cancer can be triggered by cigarettes smoking. Reports had it that in a large study of 1,047 asbestos industry employees, a malignant tumor was listed as the official cause of death for 208 workers and majority where as a result of Asbestos cancer. Inhaled asbestos can lodge in the lining of organs, causing cells to mutate and become cancerous cells to grow.

Signs and Symptoms of Asbestos Lung Cancer

It is generally known and spoken by medical personnel and officials that early detection of any ailment or disease is good and it aids diagnosis and treatment of such ailment. May I tell you that cancer is not an exception to this rule? As dangerous and dreadful as cancer is known to be, early detection has been the factor that helped safe few people that had their cancer cured. For a disease that involves growth of cells, it needs time and early detection with good treatment means the victim has a good chance.

Workers in industries and factories dealing with Asbestos should always be watchful and careful. Persons with health history of asbestos exposure need to always be careful of certain signs in their body that may signal Lung cancer. These will make them take serious look at their lung health and function. Breathing problem, shortness of breath, coughing and chest pain are symptoms of asbestos lung cancer, laryngeal cancer and pleural mesothelioma.

Diagnosis and Treatments of Asbestos Lung Cancer

Diagnosis is the set of medical procedures or tests done to ascertain if a patient is affected by a particular or specific disease. This will confirm the symptoms and signs that must have prompted anyone to the hospital. Diagnosis starts from when you visit you doctor at the hospital to check you up based on the signs and symptoms you claimed to have detected. Diagnosis for cancer is always lengthy. Imaging tests using XRAY, CT SCAN AND PET are utilized to view probable tumor or cancerous cells in the body. Blood tests are also employed to ascertain abnormal blood cell counts. Biopsies, which are samples of tissue collected in and around a tumor, help determine which kind of cancer is present.

For asbestos lung cancer diagnosis, the above tests are enough to confirm presence of asbestos lung cancer. For treatment, quite some number of treatments are available in treating cancer.

Nearly all types of cancer is treated through surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy however, some other therapy like hormone therapy is used for breast cancer, immunotherapy is used for some and photodynamic therapy is used and approved for the treatment of asbestos lung cancer. But in case we have Mesothelioma, chemotherapy which is used for all cancer treatment can be used for Mesothelioma.

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