Anxiety Types and Symptoms in Men

Anxiety, also known as generalized anxiety disorder, is a psychological condition where there is an excessive focus on anxiety and worries about everyday life with no obvious reasons for it. People with this disorder are usually prone to expect trouble on every step and it’s simply impossible for them to stop thinking about money, health, job, studies or family. This concern is always unjustified and over exaggerated for the particular situation. Life begins a nightmare where fear represents the main driver. Lastly, anxiety starts to dominate over the person, who makes it difficult or impossible for him or her to live a normal life, which includes social interaction and school or work progress. Another definition of anxiety states that this is a mindset focused on the future where the person affected expects to handle all of the negative things that are going to happen. This suggests that the difference between anxiety and fear lies in separating present events from the future ones.

Types of Anxiety

Social anxiety represents narrowness of mind when meeting new people and it’s a common phase in everyone’s young life. However, this problem may continue into the adult age and even intensify, which is then called social anxiety or social phobia. Little children can have equal problems, but this is not considered to be a phobia, yet just a passable phase, where with adults this does stray away from normal development phase. People who are anxious in a social sense are not afraid of groups of people yet they are afraid that the people surrounding them might have a negative opinion about them.

A typical type of anxiety is the one related to tests or existential issues. A specific amount of excitement before accomplishing any kind of task, test or challenge is required to motivate one to do it right, but when this excitement shoots overboard; it may cause problems with concentration which ends in a job poorly done.


Anxiety has a significant effect on one’s mindset, but it can also lead to some obvious physical symptoms. Some of the most common anxiety symptoms in men include permanent worry and tension, unreal and exaggerated idea of a problem, muscle tension, headaches, sweating, troubles sleeping and many others. Anxious persons usually have other specific anxious disorders like panic disorder, obsessively compulsive disorder. Depression can also leave its mark here, when people often reach for drugs or alcohol in order to ease the pain and mental suffering experienced.

Symptoms are highly individual and it all depends on what type of anxiety it is and how intense is the manifestation of them. Also, environment can play an extremely important role here, as a comforting and safe environment can basically completely fix the problem, even though this takes a lot of time and a lot of “good news”, so to speak. In any case, help coming from exterior is more than welcome, as an objective and realistic approach to a problem which is torturing anyone with anxiety can help a lot.

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