Anxiety Symptoms in Men

Modern lifestyle and constant chasing for professional success cause stress and anxiety, which has negative consequences towards fertility of men. Capability of men to produce healthy and functional fertilizing cells might depend on the degree at which the man is capable of dealing with stress, which is the result of a study done in Rome. These Italian researchers have confirmed that most men who are under the influence of a lot of stress and anxiety have a much less potent ejaculate which isn’t as rich with functional sperm. This study was done on 94 men who asked for help on the fertility clinic and 85 men who didn’t request any therapy for improving their reproductive capabilities. All of the persons involved in this research have given a sperm sample on analysis, filing up two questionnaires which are designed to determine momentary and long term anxiety, rating stress levels on a scale from 20 to 80.

In average, men from both groups have accomplished results from 27 to 40, which are not considered to be pathological. However, by comparing the samples of the 28 men with the lowest and 40 men with the highest level of stress and anxiety, it was determined that men in the second group had a much rarer sperm concentration in their samples, as well as less mobile sperm.

The study does have some issues though, as it was not impossible to determine whether those men who reported into the clinic for a fertility therapy were anxious because of that or for anything else. In terms of anxiety symptoms in men, only a few of these were diagnosed with mild or severe anxiety disorders. Generally speaking, this disorder is highly personal and it always captures one frame of one’s mind, so it’s difficult to generally determine what causes anxiety. It’s obvious that this is a disorder which causes person who are suffering from it to have social interaction issues because of their unexplained fears. In most cases, regular symptoms include accelerated heartbeat and intensive sweating.

Physical symptoms are far more noticeable and it’s not difficult to notice a person suffering from anxiety disorders. They will appear unsteady, always rushing somewhere and repeating the same physical movements in irregular intervals. Difficulties speaking are also very common and can give you an idea about how bothersome this might be for the person who is suffering from the disorder. In order to treat anxiety, one must find the cause of these unexplained fears and simply battle with them in an objective manner. There are hundreds of reasons for anxiety disorders to happen and there are always specific issues bothering the person in question, so it’s definitely a solvable issue – it just takes a lot of time and hard work to surpass these problems. It’s not recommended to use medications as you might develop a dependency which will make dealing with the issue at hand (long term) much more difficult and excruciating. Try to maintain your calm and objectivity throughout the period of coping with the disorder.

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