Angular Stomatitis Symptoms

If you’re experiencing severe pain on the sides of your mouth then you may be dealing with a condition known as angular stomatitis. There are numerous methods of treating this condition but it is important to tend to it as quickly as possible, to improve the overall efficiency of the treatment. Back in the day a lot of people linked these painful and sore lip ends with flu, but it isn’t true. This is, in fact, a fungus or bacterial infection which has found its nesting place on the corners of your lips. This usually happens when one is wearing a prostheses which doesn’t fit as well as it should, to people who suck on pencils, nibble on nails etc. The moisture caused by all this is then accumulated on the edges of the lips, creating a suitable environment to support bacterial or fungus growth. When the area becomes inflamed, a natural reaction is to moisten up the area by licking and this only makes things worse.


Typical angular stomatitis symptoms are dried up corners of the lips and feeling a constant pain or irritation. It usually comes as a symmetric condition, affecting both sides of the lips. In order to prevent this condition from developing further, you need to find a way and cut any moisture supply to the region.


There are special creams to be used for this which are designed to repel moisture. It is necessary to apply these several times per day in order to accomplish the best possible effect.

Other treatments include modifications done to your diet and taking supplements containing iron and vitamin B12. You should also increase the amount of groceries which can motivate the immunological system to work harder such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, seeds and other nuts. These steps can help your body handle this condition against current and future attacks, which can happen in a couple of weeks from when you start doing something about it. If you had a tear in the corner of your lips you need to be especially careful since this only intensifies the chances of the area to become inflamed.


Preventing the hardening of your lips during the winter can be a bit of a problem but it certainly isn’t impossible as long as you are willing to invest some of your time and effort into it. The skin on your lips is particularly thin and sensitive which is why you need to provide special care to them, especially during the winter. Treating of angular stomatitis is usually a rough thing to do, but you only need to focus on keeping the moisture out of the corners of your lips as this alone might be enough to get the condition under control. With all of the medicines being available to you, this shouldn’t really be too much of an issue and you can easily get over this condition without too much fuss.

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