An Insight on Asperger Syndrome

Asperger syndrome is a disease which holds back children from interacting. They are not able to express themselves confidently because they are always in an impression that people don’t respect them. A child suffering from this disorder feels awkward and refrains himself from speaking in front of others. Some children are naturally shy, but if you are suffering from asperger syndrome, then this is one of the major symptoms. This disorder has many other symptoms which highly resemble to autism and have a lot to do with a kid’s poor communication and socialization skills.

The worst part of this disorder is that once an individual has been diagnosed, then he will have it throughout his lifetime. When the child becomes mature, then he would know all the things he is required to do in order to deal with socialization problems.

Following are symptoms of Asperger Syndrome:

  • Generally, this disorder is seen in children aged above 3 years and it has been seen that no individuals have same symptoms.
  • Body movements in a fixed routine
  • Not able to express their thoughts, socialize or make proper eye contact.
  • A child fails to have a tone, pitch or an accent while speaking. In some cases, the listener might feel that their voice is normal but they may sound older than they actually are.
  • They would exhibit signs of being uncoordinated. They may not have poor body postures and continuously make weird gestures.
  • They might be having poor handwriting and find it really hard to drive a bike, an activity which requires lots of balance.

Diagnosing Asperger Syndrome:

If you start noticing few symptoms from the above mentioned list, then it’s time you should speak to a doctor. You will have to take special appointment with the doctor, so he can also diagnose you for this disease. Your doctor will right away take a few tests which include asperger and its treatment. The sooner a kid is diagnosed, the easier it gets to treat him.


Teachers, doctors and counselors can go a long way in dealing with this problem. The child might have to regular consume a set of tablets for keeping the disease under check. The best bet is to always keep the child involved. He should be made to interact and express himself easily. This can go a long way for treating his disorder.

The family should consider hiring a therapist for treating the disorder. There are various features which a therapist or counselor should be having. One of them is ability to listen. A child suffering from asperger syndrome wants people to interact with him. This would make him comfortable in life. You should hire a relatively experienced individual for taking care of your child. He should prior experience of dealing with such a child. Impatient people can’t deal with kids with this disorder. A child should also have someone who gradually guides him everything about life. He should be taught about various things in his surroundings because he might face difficult in doing so.

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