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Agent Orange Symptoms

Agent Orange is an herbicide which was widely used in different areas of the world intensively over the period between 1950 and 1970. Today, we are aware of its toxicity and dangers lurking in the solutions used to produce this herbicide and there are people who are still experiencing agent orange symptoms. The biggest problem with this specific herbicide is that it doesn’t show its effect right away, it takes even decades to truly show that it is there, when it might be too late to really start battling with all the health problems caused by this solution.

Common Symptoms

When a person is exposed to Agent Orange, some minor symptoms may occur right on the spot. Dizziness and vomiting have been proven to be the most common ones and over time, kidney stones develop in a short while. However, it’s more interesting to note that this herbicide can actually cause neurological and emotional issues which come afloat only after a couple of years. Headaches start to become more intense, almost to the point where it’s difficult to bear them. Sudden violence attacks can also be apparent which improves the chances of the person infected to try suicide.

With all of these symptoms being mentioned, it comes as no surprise that military used this solution during the Vietnam warfare, where it caused a lot of momentary and long term damages. People were killed and a lot of deformed children were born afterwards, due to its highly contagious effect towards DNA. It was also used to remove any excess foliage, which was very present in Vietnam, as Vietnamese soldiers used the thick foliage to their advantage. Not many articles mention Agent Orange being the valuable army tool during the Vietnamese war though. Strategically, it was very efficient, allowing more flexible strategy approaches as the persons who got exposed to it started to experience a whole list of health problems, rendering them almost too weak to fight or oppose.

After a couple of years after exposure, Agent Orange can even cause mental retardation as it destroys neurons very efficiently. With its highly contagious properties, it has no issues breaking down DNA, causing a lot of fertility and reproductive issues. Babies who were conceived by parents who got exposed to this solution were always deformed in a wide variety of stages. Serious deformations were almost equal to those caused by radiation poisoning.

In the modern age, cancer can be mentioned as a symptom of being exposed to Agent Orange, as well as blood flow restriction, which can cause fatal heart attacks. Issues with muscle control, weakness and numbness in a particular part of the body are all fairly common and intense symptoms of exposure to Agent Orange. The best advice is to stay away from this solution as possible, as there is no telling how big of damage it can do, both to you and your children in the future. Fortunately, this chemical is rated as dangerous and fatal so it’s relatively difficult to get exposed to it.

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