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Adrenal Gland Symptoms

Adrenal gland helps us to survive by converting energy and manifesting its effect as enthusiasm and motivation. If your adrenal glands are stressed out, there is a higher probability you will experience problems with exhaustion and menopause for an example.

Chronic Fatigue

Functional measuring of two important hormones of the adrenal gland which is done within 24 hours indicates that these glands do not function within their best effect with subjects who have been reporting chronic fatigue symptoms. This is usually a result of chronic emotional, dieting or other stresses. Confusion, insomnias, hypoglycemia, common inflammations, depressions, weak memory, headaches and a constant craving for sweets are all very clear indicators of a weakened adrenal gland function. If you realize these adrenal gland symptoms in time, it’s possible to significantly improve your condition by simple treatment procedures.

About Adrenal Glands

Adrenal glands are main “shock absorbers” in your body. They are sized like your thumb and can be found above each kidney. Their mission is to produce hormones which are helping you cope with all of the daily’s problems in a healthy and adjustable way. However, if the intensity and frequency of stress in your life increases, over time your adrenal glands will wear out. This can be compared to anyone who is running or working without adequate rest, food and water. In the end your body will start to manifest a lot of different symptoms in order to draw your attention and warn you about changing some of the aspects of your life that are causing this excess stress.

What Weakens the Glands?

Now we will talk about some types of stress, whether physical or psychological which have been proven to deteriorate the function of adrenal glands over time. Unsolved emotional stress, worrying, anger, doubt, depression, excessive training, excessive work, surgical procedures, traumas, chronic diseases, replacing night and day – just to name a few.

Main hormones of the adrenal glands are as follows; adrenaline, which prepares us for any kind of physical or mental challenge, and acts as an invaluable tool in life threatening situations, cortisol which is a very important hormone maintaining the balance of your immunological system. If your adrenal gland is working properly, it will also maintain a balance of these two hormones. In case your gland isn’t capable of maintaining this, you will experience a lot of additional symptoms which will influence your sexual or professional life significantly.

Dealing with Stress

By dealing with stress you will indirectly influence on your entire health condition. Regular workouts are also a great way to keep your mind off of your daily routine and you will also benefit from it in countless ways in terms of physiological health. This simply principle can help you break the statics of emotions and treat your depression, hostility or guilt feelings. Think with your heart, so to speak. Once you establish yourself as a calm and assertive individual, you will see how quickly your body and mind turns for the better.

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