Acute coronary syndrome: An Overview

Heart is amongst the most vital organ of our body. We need to take proper of this body because it is responsible for proper functioning. Every year thousands of people suffer from acute coronary syndrome but they have no idea about the disease. In many cases, people don’t even have slightest of idea that they are suffering this disease. It is when they are diagnosed to this problem that they realize about its existence. If you are well-informed about this syndrome, then it would be easier to detect its symptoms.  In its latter stages, just like other diseases even this disease becomes hard to cure.

There are majority of people who confuse this syndrome with heart attack. The problem here is that this disease has many symptoms which are similar to that of heart attack. Chest pain is the most common symptom for heart attack and those suffering from acute coronary syndrome also have similar pain in the chest. In some cases, patients are diagnosed and treated for heart attack rather than acute coronary syndrome.

Even after knowing about the disease, many people lose hope and imagine that they can never recover from the syndrome. However, there are plenty of things which can be done in order to prevent and cure this problem. A reasonable thing to do would be frequent visits to the doctor and get updates about your health. You can also check the family health history and check whether you are suffering from a genetic disease. If a close family member had this disease, then chances of your suffering from this disease increase. People over the age of 50 are prone to suffering from this disease. A recent research has proved that older people are greater likely to suffer from this disease.

Some people believe that symptoms for this syndrome in men and women vary. Actually, researchers have found there is hardly much difference between the symptoms of men and women. Slight differences are possible because different individual have different symptoms. Women experience weakness and tired if they are suffering from this syndrome.

This syndrome cuts down the blood you normally receive. Due to this, your heart and arteries don’t get sufficient blood. As the situation deteriorates, the heart and body weakens, and in extreme cases it leads to death, so you should never take its symptoms lightly. As the blood doesn’t reach to heart, so it fails to pump blood at different parts of body and as the blood doesn’t reach to or brain, it stops functioning gradually. This can lead to severe brain damage in the long run, so this disease should be diagnosed at the earliest.

 The irony is that people think they know everything about the syndrome. However, the reality is completely different. Many of you are point blank about this syndrome and this can lead to delay in the diagnosis of this disease. Moreover, there are T.V shows which portray wrong picture about this syndrome which fills the brain people with wrong information. In order to get proper information, you should consult experts in this industry and get first-hand experience.

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