A friendly Guide to cordyceps Mushroom

Almost everyone will hear about mushrooms, but have you ever heard about cordyceps mushrooms? Yes, there is a mushroom called cordyceps mushroom, which is technically known as cordyceps sinensis. These mushrooms can be found in the Himalayan foothills of Bhutan and Tibet. The fruiting body of these mushrooms is tiny and grass shaped, and it gets its Chinese name as winter worm summer grass due to its unique appearance. The other names for cordyceps are caterpillar fungus, caterpillar mushrooms, Cs-4, Chinese caterpillar fungus etc. There are many advantages of consuming cordyceps coffee, and it has various health benefits. It is commonly used for kidney disorders and causes sexual problems. Here is a friendly guide to cordyceps mushrooms. 

Different types of cordyceps 

It is found that there are hundreds of various species of Cordyceps all over the world, but there are two main species that are of interest for human consumption. The two species of cordyceps are cordyceps sinensis and cordyceps militaris.

Cordyceps sinensis

It is the most popular species that is famous for its powerful medicinal properties. It is found in Asia tucked in between the Himalayas on the Tibetan plateau. Cordyceps sinensis is commonly called a caterpillar fungus. The name is because you can clearly see the caterpillar in images of harvested Sinensis. 

Cordyceps militaris

A cordyceps species has a compound profile extremely similar to cordyceps sinensis known as cordyceps militaris. Cordyceps militaris can be cultivated reliably and affordably. It can be considered vegan and can deliver all the same benefits as cordyceps sinensis. 

How does it work?

Cordyceps mushroom helps to immunity by stimulating cells and specific chemicals in the immune system. Cordyceps also have activity against cancer cells. It also helps to shrink tumour size, especially with skin and lung cancers. Cordyceps also used after a kidney transplant and used for liver problems. 

Health benefits of cordyceps

From the above-mentioned information, you have known that cordyceps are powerful, but what can it actually do for you? Many researchers found that compounds within cordyceps mushrooms can improve your well being in several different ways. 

Boost the immune system

The most favourite cordyceps mushrooms benefits are that it supports the immune system in a variety of ways. These mushrooms are traditionally used to treat the lungs. Cordyceps mushroom contains Beta D glucans which have been shown to naturally modulate the immune system and help you resist diseases and illness. 

Improve stamina

This mushroom has been used to improve athletic performance and stamina by increasing the body’s ability to absorb oxygen and use it more efficiently. Many studies have shown that the ability of cordyceps mushrooms increases VO2 max in athletes. 

Increase energy

Cordyceps mushroom can increase your body’s supply of ATP. ATP is the main source of energy for your cells during exercise. Cordyceps has the effect of increased exercise performance, energy and liveliness. 

Wrapping thoughts

Some other benefits of cordyceps mushroom are anti-aging, easy breathing and natural aphrodisiac etc. It isn’t easy to consume cordyceps mushroom, so it made it easy for you. You can consume cordyceps mushrooms in the form of cordyceps coffee. So it is very easy for you to consume it every day.