A Bullet-Proof Checklist for Travelling on Your Period

Gone are the days when women used to quarantine themselves at home, take leave from work or school, and excuse themselves from duties on their period days. 

In today’s fast-paced world, even during periods, girls have to carry on doing their responsibilities. One such thing is travel. 

We might have our period unannounced while we are travelling or get it just before the trip starts. It may so happen that we have a very important journey to make that clashes with our period days, and there is no scope for compromise. In such cases, being well-equipped during the journey to ensure your period passes comfortably is a must. It is because periods bring lots of mood swings, pain sometimes, and different symptoms of uneasiness. If undealt, it may cause discomfort and hamper the trip. 

So, here is a checklist of things you should pack on your period days when travelling. From period pain relievers to curbing mood swings, it’s just about the trip now and not your cycles! 

  • Hot Water Bag– A girl’s best friend during a cramp would be this bag of water. Pack a portable, medium-sized hot water bag that you can pop onto your stomach while the cramps come crashing, maybe in your hotel room, camping tent, or even a bus! Using it on top of clothes also helps, so privacy isn’t a problem. You can find a hot water bag online on Healthskool Pharmacy’s website in many variants. Keep in mind to not use overheated bags directly and suddenly on the skin as it might cause your skin to burn and even harm you on the insides. 
  • Painkillers– Allopathic medicines should be kept as a last resort during periods to avoid over-dependency and long-term harm. However, you must keep them in your first aid kit in case your cramps get extremely unbearable or in cases of emergency. One more idea would be to visit a homeopathic doctor and get a bunch of homeopathic medicines. These are less harmful and sometimes more effective in nature. 
  • Adequate Pad Supplies– Of course, this is the most important point to keep in mind while packing for your trip. You can never pack too many pads, as you never know what situations you may encounter. 

If possible, it is advised to change our pads every 3-4 hours when you’re travelling or wear two pads at the same time for longer journeys. It ensures that we stay comfortable. Also, depending upon the kind of preference, carry adequate supplies of menstrual cups, tampons, etc., if need be. The good idea is to pack cloth pads, so you can change them on your journey if the normal pads get too uncomfortable/cause rashes or irritation. 

  • Carry toiletries– Wet tissues, newspaper cut into pieces, tissue rolls, and spray sanitiser are some toiletries that should be available in your bag so that you are well equipped for the journey.
  • Other information– Wearing and carrying period panties or padded panties is a good way to ensure that there is no leakage. Carrying a sweater is always advisable, in case you have to cover your leaked pants. Wear darker clothes, so if they get stained by any chance, they are less visible. 

It is also said that asthma attacks are more prone during periods. So, carry a nebulizer if you have breathing problems. You can find a nebulizer online on Healthskool Pharmacy’s website. 

If you keep in mind all these tips and save some extra space in your luggage for a “period aid kit” consisting of these materials, act diligently, you’re sure to not face many difficulties during your period.