Pregnancy week

7th Week pregnancy symptoms

What’s happening with your baby in Week 7?

  • Your baby now measures up to 6 millimeters at longest.
  • Internal organs such as brain and heart begin to develop, forming specific internal components like chambers and hemispheres. Pancreas and appendix also start to show up.
  • Brain continues its growth rapidly, with the skull remaining almost transparent.
  • Arms and legs start to form, with small buds representing ears start to increase in size.
  • From this point forward, your baby will experience intense growth.

What’s happening with you in Week 7?

  • It’s still not easy for others to tell that you are pregnant.
  • Blood pressure lowers beyond the point where it was before you got pregnant.
  • You either gain weight or lose it – some women tend to lose weight due to nausea, which is completely normal. Any weight changes aren’t to be taken too seriously because the baby is still in a moderately intensive growth rate.
  • Typical symptoms carried by pregnancy such as excessive fatigue and nausea are present.
  • Psychologically speaking, you are still well into your thoughts about becoming a mother and the direction your life will take from now on.
  • Many women experience fantasies and dream about the appearance of your baby – first steps of emotional bonding.

Useful information for Week 7

  • During this week your hCG hormone’s effects will increase, making an entry for morning sickness, which will now become very intense.
  • Morning sickness can occur in almost any time of the day.
  • This hormone also causes symptoms like excessive fatigue and overall tiredness.
  • All these symptoms have no effect on the baby.
  • It’s important to drink a lot of fluids (mainly water) so you don’t dehydrate due to occasional vomiting.

Advices for Week 7

  • This is a good time for you to quit smoking, try to use your baby’s health as the prime motivator.
  • Eating healthy is crucial throughout your entire pregnancy, but if you’re having issues adapting to your new healthy dieting routine, just try to eat as much as you can for now.

Always buy and eat fresh fruits, vegetables and especially dairy products which are highly prone towards mold.

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