6 Health Benefits of Titan Massage Chairs for Post-Workout Recovery

Post-workout recovery is when you maximize your workout’s health benefits by eating proper food, resting, and healing tissues for faster muscle growth and recovery.

However, while most may have disciplined themselves to get physical exercise regularly, a lot may have disregarded the importance of a post-workout recovery plan.

A well-rounded recovery plan will give you better performance and reduce the risk of potential workout injuries from straining your muscles too much.

An effective way to do this is to undergo a post-workout massage to relieve tension and hasten the recovery time. However, it is hard to book yourself with a professional masseuse and spas for a proper massage under this global pandemic.

But in light of this, state-of-the-art technology has brought us medical engineering to another level with the Titan line of massage chair collection. These Titan massage chairs are specially designed and tailored by professionals to accommodate even the largest set of workout enthusiasts and athletes over 6,6.

Let us explore these 6 Health Benefits of Titan Massage Chairs for Post-Workout Recovery.

Reduce Soreness and Muscle Fatigue

Massages are known to release analgesic hormones from the nerves to soothe muscle tissues and fibers. The science behind a workout and muscle recovery is that when we do exercises, especially muscle workouts, muscle fibers are shredded and cut in the process.

Only through a proper diet and ample amounts of rest do we heal these shredded muscles. Done repeatedly, this adds additional layers of muscles that result in bigger and stronger muscles.

Massage chairs like the Titan Pro Jupiter XL massage chair are equipped with several massage programs that stimulate the nerves to reduce pain-relieving hormones that help reduce soreness and muscle fatigue. Effectively reducing the amount of time we suffer from soreness, maximizing our time working out.

Removing Waste Product

Lactic acid is produced when oxygen is low because muscles need to convert glucose into energy. Lactic acid builds up when muscles are worked out. The accumulated lactic acid reduces performance and results in muscle soreness.

But thanks to the Titan Pro Ace II massage chair, it comes equipped with multiple airbags for that seamless full-body massage experience.

A total of 12 airbags massages the shoulders, arms, lower back, feet, and calf areas. This full-body massage helps stretch and loosen tight muscles for better circulation and flexibility. Incorporating this in your post-workout recovery will likely reduce lactic acid buildup.

Increased Circulation and Blood Flow

These Titan massage chairs also feature Heat Therapy, also known as Thermotherapy, in their massages.

Heat Therapy is the use of heat in specific areas to penetrate the tissues. An increased temperature in the tissues relaxes tightened muscles and improves circulation.

A faster circulation means that oxygenation in the body is improved, and cellular nutrition is carried out faster. Faster nutrition means faster healing.

Ideally, you want your muscles to heal faster to have maximum performance in your future workouts.

Improved Joint and Muscle Movement

These titan massage chairs come with several programs to suit the type of massage in the targeted muscles.

It includes programs specific for stretching, muscles, pain relief, and many more to relax tissues, especially muscle groups near the joints.

When muscle fibers are relaxed, it widens the range of motion joints can have. Healthy and functional joints are vital in the workout process since joint mobility is required in exercises.

Relieves Stress

It is without a doubt that the physical and cellular process of recovery is important. It is also worth noting that these massage chairs also improve our moods and reduce stress levels.

Stress can stem many diseases. Complications like heart diseases and diabetes can impede muscle growth. It restricts the production of happy hormones that affect heartbeat and digestion.

From the automated rollers to the heat therapy, right down to the one size fit all, it is clear that comfort and relaxation were kept in mind while designing these massage chairs.

Improves Sleep

Sleep is very important in post-workout recovery since cellular growth is increased when we are under asleep. During sleep, cells regenerate faster, healing our shredded muscles after a workout.

The titan series of massage chairs like the Titan Pro Jupiter XL massage chair is equipped with a zero-gravity feature that sets you in a perfect position for a massage as it aligns your back relative to your thigh at an optimal level of comfort.

Gravity reduces blood pressure relieving stress from your lower extremities and promoting good posture as it reduces back pain that causes hunching.


Post-workout recovery is necessary to maximize the benefits of your workouts. Whether it’s for muscle growth or body conditioning, partaking in good physical activities strengthens

the body and lessens diseases’ risks.

The continued lifestyle and choices we undergo determines our health. Incorporating massage chairs like the Titan 3D Prestige massage chair in your post-workout recovery saves us time to go outside and enjoy the benefits in the safety and comfort of our homes in these hardened times.