5 things to consider to get Pregnant Fast

People don’t always think about pregnancy as something that just happens. In many cases women are having issues conceiving, which might be due to some issues I’ll be displaying to you today. Keep in mind that these are all just generic advices which you really need to know if you’re having any difficulties conceiving, so give it a good read through, perhaps you’ve been missing out on something.


Ovulation is basically the base of any pregnancy and it dictates the days when you’re fertile and ready to conceive. This is a period of about a couple of days when it is possible to get pregnant. An egg is released from the ovaries and ready to accept any sperms that might be around. Knowing the exact time when you ovulate is of critical importance and you should focus all of your conception efforts towards this short period. There is an obvious chance for pregnancy when the ejaculation happened before ovulation, as sperm can survive a couple of days inside the uterus.

Stay motivated

Making babies is probably one of those life’s most enjoyable periods and you should enjoy it! Being relaxed and getting into the whole event is also very important. Any tension or pressure you might be feeling will most likely make the whole issue a lot more complex and longer.

Also, make sure that you lie down for about 15 minutes after insemination. This will make sure that the sperm reaches into where it’s supposed to, increasing the chances for a successful fertilization.

Make sure that your sperm is in its top state

There is a lot on the men’s side too. Proper diet and cutting back on smoking and alcohol does actually improve the mobility of your sperm. Avoiding hot showers and saunas for a while will increase the production of sperm cells, since heat is something which definitely endangers semen production. This is why men’s testicles are outside of the body, due to those couple degrees lower temperature which is critical for quality semen production.

Annihilate all toxins for a while

It’s a fact that we’re eating lower quality food and other items on a daily basis. This is why you need to focus a bit more on getting yourself involved in a more quality groceries and food items which will be beneficial for you and therefore making you eat much healthier. This has an effect on all of your bodily functions, including the fertilization one, so make sure to check this out as well.

Ask for help

If you’re trying for 4-5 months without any results and by following all of the above mentioned guidelines, you might need some professional medical assistance. Arrange a meeting with you gynecologist or regular doctor to get yourself checked to see what might be causing the issue so that you can work on it.

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