5 steps for an efficient Smoking Cessation

If you are ready to accept the challenge and stop smoking, we have prepared some basic steps which will help you systematically approach the problem. By doing so you will be able to be objective about your smoking cessation, this is a requirement for a long term effect.

1. Choose the best benefit of nonsmoking

Deciding to do this is the first step towards being a nonsmoker. Perhaps you’d like to be healthier or improve the health and habits of your family. Maybe you would like to save money or you’re simply sick of being addicted to cigarettes. Whatever the best benefit may be for you, it’s worth it and it is the most precious thought you will carry throughout this process. Physical advantages of nonsmoking are plentiful – sensation of smell and taste is improved, teeth are whiter, your breath is much fresher. Even blood circulation gets better so your skin will acquire a natural, younger look.

You will also have much more time to spend on your business, family and friends and nobody will be annoyed by your repetitive smoking sessions. Your home, car and clothes will not carry that heavy odor of tobacco anymore. You can also improve a lot on the emotional basis, since the pleasure of keeping yourself under control is something to note of.

Don’t upset yourself in case you aren’t yet strong enough to be forever rid of cigarettes. Take some deep thoughts of your own and find that one reason which will guide you through the rest of the process.

2. Specify a date

Choose a specific date which isn’t too far or too close. This will give you enough time to prepare yourself for the process, with no further ado. Pick a calm and relaxed time of the year to start with this, when you don’t expect any stressful events to occur. Of course, life is always filled with unexpected and stressful events so you can’t always pick the best time.

3. Prepare yourself physically

In order to follow this process all the way you need to prepare yourself physically by releasing the toxins out of your body, especially nicotine and carbon monoxide. Drink a lot of water (at least 6 glasses per day), sleep 7-8 hours and eat a rich breakfast.

4. Prepare yourself mentally

You also need to do some mental preparations for this. Prepare yourself for any random cigarette offerings and prepare for high risk situations, where you will be in temptation to take that cigarette again. You need to visualize yourself as a nonsmoking person and simply understand some of the lifestyle changes you need to do in order to accomplish this.

5. Plan for rewards

For one to stop smoking is no easy task. If you succeeded in this, you deserve a reward, so make sure to reward yourself on a weekly basis. You can purchase something else you like for the money you would have spent on cigarettes. These rewards will motivate you further and remind you how good of a decision this was in the first place.

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