5 most frequent workout Injuries

Working out is always referred to as something positive, which it definitely is. On the other hand, working out basically means you’re stressing out your body beyond its already established limits and boundaries. For some, this limit is extremely high, while for most of us couch potatoes and computer nerds, that limit is surprisingly low. It gets even more surprising for ex-athletes, which still have that mental image of themselves back in the day, when they could do a lot of physical activities, both short and intensive as well as those long and exhausting running sessions.

Unfortunately, your body is quick to adapt to your new habits, contrary to your brain, which is a bit slower for this and sometimes deceiving. I believe that this overestimation of your own capabilities is what causes most injuries in the gym, or during any motivated and significant physical activity.

Commonly, injuries of this nature are focused towards the most mobile parts of your body – ankles, joints and muscles. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common physical injuries you should look after if you just started exercising.

Pulled muscles

A muscle can be pulled whether you were in your top shape or just began to work out. The critical factor in avoiding this issue is stretching, both pre and post workout. However, many people don’t realize that you should always do 10-15 minutes of very light cardio, even before stretching, as this will pump that necessary blood into your muscles and joints, preparing them as well as your consciousness that something more difficult is to follow. Commonly, people stretch out their calves during running sessions or biceps during some heavier weight lifting.

Sprained ankles

Similarly to the pulled muscles, your ankles can get strained. Ligaments also require an increased amount of blood flow through so that they can do their function. Again, light cardio before pre-workout stretching can make the world of difference here.

Back pain

People who tend to forcefully lift heavier weights without putting an emphasis on proper form of weightlifting will sooner or later develop back pain. This condition is a major issue as the nature of back pain is extremely painful and short, making it impossible for you to predict and can cause severe issues in your daily routine. Your back muscles are highly complex, but most of the back pain conditions are caused on the lower back muscles, which are stretched more than the upper back muscles and can therefore be more sensitive towards overload.

Muscle damage

Possibly the most significant issue with improper exercising is generic muscle damage. This applies mostly to individuals who are lifting heavy weights on a daily basis, without taking care of their nutrition. In order for muscle to grow, it needs to heal itself with proteins. If there is a lack of proteins, the muscle will diminish and you will experience major downfalls in your lifts.

Joint injuries

Joints are highly complex as they allow us to move our arms, legs etc. in several different directions. Any improper form during working out  can stretch out the tendons and cause temporary or even permanent joint injuries.

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