Pregnancy week

39th Week pregnancy symptoms

39What’s happening with your baby in Week 39?

  • Your baby has now reached 7 pounds but it is possible for this weight to climb all the way up to 9 pounds.
  • Arms and legs of the baby are in flexed position on purpose.
  • Placenta still has an important role of protecting your baby from bacterial and viral infections.
  • Baby’s head is the widest part of the body so it’s good to deliver it head down.
  • Skin has now hardened a bit, as new layers are being created.

What’s happening with you in Week 39?

  • Spa can be a great source for calming and relaxation.
  • Your doctor will check the baby’s position by an external examination. This is important to know in order to prepare a C-Section if the baby is large and isn’t turned head-down.
  • Sleep is still a problem, as well as the mood swings.
  • There is no way to tell whether you will give birth this evening or the following week so you should probably get ready for a hospital stay.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions are still intensifying, which is a procedure important for cervix preparation.

Useful information for Week 39

  • Full bowel or bladder may be a problem during the labor as this can narrow the pathway for the baby.
  • The most intense part of the labor is fortunately the shortest one as well.
  • Pregnancy hormones may cause milk to be produced before it is needed in your breasts.
  • The umbilical cord is now almost 50 centimeters long which is almost your baby’s length.

Advices for Week 39

  • Since the labor process is so intense, you may just be happy that the whole ordeal is over, which may postpone your emotional bonding to your baby. However, you will quickly realize what has happened, especially if you get ahold of your baby soon after delivery.

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