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36th Week pregnancy symptoms

36What’s happening with your baby in Week 36?

  • At this point your baby is stretching out at 20 inches weighing in at 6 pounds.
  • Finishing touches are done during this week, with the baby finally looking completely real and as one would expect.
  • First bowel movement takes care of the blackish mixture called meconium.
  • The body is now sensitive to hot, cold and pressure.
  • All senses are well developed as there is one month to go from this point.

What’s happening with you in Week 36?

  • Parenting in general may represent a worry to you now, as well as all other baby related situations.
  • You may be frightened by labor process and everything that goes with it.
  • Your whole life is now enveloped around the baby and everything coming with it.
  • Your cervix will be checked for dilation which is the first sign of you going into labor.

Useful information for Week 36

C-Section Recovery

  • With all of the painful days coming ahead you might want to prepare yourself by purchasing painkillers. Walking after this procedure can be very painful so it’s important to take gradual steps and experience a smooth recovery.

Unplanned C-Section

  • In case of any emergencies, the C-Section can quickly be performed in order to achieve a successful delivery.
  • Baby’s heart rate might become a concern or your placenta starts to separate from the uterus. It’s also done in cases of genital herpes infections.
  • Stalling of the labor can also prevent regular procedure, when C-Section may help.


  • Vaginal labor leaves traces on your vagina and it will take a couple of weeks for it to heal completely.

Advices for Week 36

  • Painkillers may cause your stool to become hard. In order to solve constipation issues, take stool softeners as these will make your stool much softer and easier to push out.
  • Psychological bond between a newborn baby and mom is very complicated affairs so don’t feel guilty if you don’t instantly establish a permanent bond – it will hit you after a couple of days after delivery if not sooner, and it’s going to hit you hard.

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