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35th Week pregnancy symptoms

35What’s happening with your baby in Week 35?

  • Your baby is now measuring 20 inches in length, weighing in at about 5 pounds.
  • The following period will be when your baby gains the most of its final birth weight.
  • Fat is most easily accumulated in the shoulder area.
  • Physical development is closing down to an end and we are looking into weight gain exclusively, about half of pound every week until he or she is born.

What’s happening with you in Week 35?

  • You may be prone to joint or muscle aches by now, but try not to give up on your exercising as it will help you deal with labor.
  • All of the joints and ligaments are softening up even further.
  • You should visit your doctor on a weekly basis at this point to make sure everything is going as planned.
  • You will get checked with GBS, which is a test indicating presence of bacteria in the vaginal and rectum area.

Useful information for Week 35


  • This type of delivery is usually recommended to women carrying triplets or the baby has grown very large. It also works best with women who had invasive uterine surgery before.


  • Genetics play an important role in how will you look once this is all done. Skin elasticity plays a major role in this and there isn’t much you can do about it. Some skin excess and sagging is inevitable.
  • Breast milk will replace colostrum in about 5 days from delivery.
  • Swollen feet are the most common issue with pregnant women.
  • A high percentage (99%) of babies born at this stage or later survives with no problems whatsoever.

Advices for Week 35

By wearing wide clothes and shoes you will ease your body parts from unnecessary strain. With regular walks you can further improve this issue as your circulation will work better in your favor. All of the special clothes and shoes can be bought in maternity stores which are equipped with products designed to help you get through this rough period. Make sure to choose a decently sized item and try it out in the store first.

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