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34th Week pregnancy symptoms

34What’s happening with your baby in Week 34?

  • Your baby now weighs about 5 pounds and it has reached the height of about 19 inches.
  • The central nervous system has advanced, with lungs continuing to grow. In case your baby is born now, it would have no long term health issues.
  • Vernix is getting thicker, coating the baby all around. This will make the labor a much easier and smoother experience.

What’s happening with you in Week 34?

  • Your heartburn may reduce its intensity at this point (if you had issues with it previously).
  • You may feel the baby dropping a bit lower, opening up room for your stomach. This may increase your appetite.
  • Your breasts will further increase in size as there are new glands being produced that are required for milk production.
  • Fatigue and general stress continues to be an issue.

Useful information for Week 34

Epidural Consequences

  • Epidural can cause a whole list of symptoms like vomiting or headaches. You can control this with changing the position or having oxygen supplements inserted through your nose.


  • In case of twins, only one of the two babies will rotate head-down properly while the other will try to adapt to a different position.
  • Babies might have dreams at this stage, as the brain is almost fully developed by now, with most vital functions being completed.

Advices for Week 34

  • Parenting books are great sources of information, especially if this is your first pregnancy and you don’t have anyone close to you who has experience in it. There is a whole bunch of them you can buy and it would be good to check out some online stores as they have the biggest variety.

In many hospitals you will be able to get a mobile epidural which can relief you from pain and not block out the strength of your muscles. Ask your doctor about this option as it does give you a bit more freedom in moving around while giving you the same efficiency in terms of pain relief. It works excellent for all phases of pregnancy.

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