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33rd Week pregnancy symptoms

33What’s happening with your baby in Week 33?

  • At this point your baby is weighing 4.5 pounds, stretching out to a length of 19 inches.
  • The wrinkly skin is slowly loosening up, becoming smoother.
  • Lungs have advanced significantly and are now almost completely developed.
  • About half pound a week is the rate at which your baby is now gaining weight.
  • Skull is the only bone which is not hardening up at this point. It’s still not connected all the way, which is necessary for the baby to go through the birth canal.

What’s happening with you in Week 33?

  • 4 pounds in total will be gained this month which is about 1 pound per week.
  • Cervix dilatation is obvious, but its activity is fairly subjective and very different with every woman.
  • Urine leakages are still common and can occur during sneezing, coughing or serious laughter.
  • If you’re feeling numbness in your fingers, stretch out more often.
  • Stages of high and low energy will oscillate.

Useful information for Week 33

  • About 8000 diaper changes are required before the baby learns how to go to the potty on its own.
  • Lungs can be practiced into supplying your body with more oxygen and a proper diet which contains more protein.
  • If you’re eating fresh foods and vegetables make sure to eat them while they are still fresh. By leaving them on the table or stuffing them in the fridge for future use they will lose a lot of their original value. Also, try to eat large pieces of fruits and vegetables since this keeps all of those beneficial fibers intact.

Advices for Week 33

  • Stay away from discounted foods, which usually have ruptured packages or are closing into their expiration date. Any dents on cans need to be acknowledged as well.

If you are really having a problem with urine leakages, try to do some pelvic floor exercises which will strengthen up your urination control muscles, thus allowing you to have more control over it by default. You can look these up online as many pregnant women are doing it and these are very popular and efficient.

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