Pregnancy week

31st Week pregnancy symptoms

What’s happening with your baby in Week 31?

  • The baby is now slowing its growth rate slightly, and proportions are getting sorted out.
  • Some products are to be avoided such as milk and certain types of vegetables which may cause gas problems. Try to skip over these meals as it will put unnecessary pressure to your uterus which will react.
  • Medications need to be taken with care throughout the entire pregnancy period and it is still unsafe to take anything that isn’t prescribed by your doctor.

What’s happening with you in Week 31?

  • Increase in weight has now reached a stage where you’re having difficulties with your balance so you are prone to falls.
  • Puffy body is expected, especially if your protein levels are low.
  • Enzymes in your stomach now have their own time and are processing whatever you eat with ease.
  • Your digestion is now under more significant pressure due to the uterus growing even further.

Useful information for Week 31


  • There are many myths about baby’s gender. At this point it is possible to determine this.
  • Some people believe that if the woman stays on top during sexual intercourse in which the baby is conceived that it is a boy.
  • If the pregnant woman gains a noticeable amount of weight in the face it is a girl.
  • Mood swings are usually linked with girl babies as well.
  • Most of these symptoms can’t be linked with either
  • Ultrasound is the one and only method of really knowing the gender of your baby.
  • Music tends to have a soothing effect on babies and can help baby relax if it is showing too much activity.

Advices for Week 31

  • Changing your seating position can help you relief yourself from back strain, with the cross legged position being the best for this. If you are suffering from excessive back aches, make sure to check this with your doctor so that you can receive proper treatment before labor.

It’s important not to skip any pre-determined checkups with your doctor as this is the final and most important phase of your pregnancy.

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