Pregnancy week

27th Week pregnancy symptoms

What’s happening with your baby in Week 27?

  • Your baby is now at 2 pounds in weight, measuring 9 and half inches.
  • This week represents a period where your baby will start showing more obvious activity.
  • Your baby is now especially sensitive to your voice and you will be able to feel some changes in baby’s movements caused by it.
  • In case you deliver your baby now, there is about 80% of survival chance because most vital organs aren’t yet fully developed – immune system and liver just to mention a few.
  • Your baby now resembles a smaller version of a regular baby. Proportions are in order.

What’s happening with you in Week 27?

  • Your body expands even further, followed by stretch marks on your breast and abdomen, as well as weight gain which are now constant.
  • Amniotic fluid is now much lower in its volume, making baby’s kicks and punches visible on your belly.
  • Discomfort caused by the new weight gain can be solved with more physical activity, warm baths and ice packs.

Useful information for Week 27

Cholesterol Level

  • It’s normal for the cholesterol levels to bump up, which is also required for baby as well as yourself. Baby’s brain needs a lot of cholesterol to become fully developed. Placenta also has a huge requirement for it in order to produce progesterone, a hormone controlling timely labor.


  • Endorphin is basically a hormone which boosts your willpower and general mental state. Once you deliver the baby, its levels will drop significantly, possibly causing post-birth depression.
  • If you’re intending to travel somewhere with an airplane in this stage or further, you will need doctor’s approval and airplane company’s approval as well as most of them won’t allow it.

Advices for Week 27

  • Make sure to discuss any of your fears with your doctor as well as your partner. You need as much of support as you can get because any unnecessary anxiety may reflect in a negative way towards your baby and the course of your pregnancy.

If you’re really suffering with anxiety make sure to ask your doctor for advices because any medications you take with no recommendation might cause additional problems later.

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