Pregnancy week

26th Week pregnancy symptoms

What’s happening with your baby in Week 26?

  • At this point your baby is weighing in at almost 2 pounds, stretching out to 9 inches.
  • A decent amount of fat has been collected under the skin by now, causing the skin to wrinkle up noticeably.
  • Eyes are now functional but won’t open at least for another two weeks.
  • Lugs are growing as well and there is a special substance which needs to be injected in there so that the two wings don’t stick.
  • Hearing has reached a new milestone, being completely developed. You may notice your baby reacting to more sounds.

What’s happening with you in Week 26?

  • Most pregnant women find this period to be a bit tough, as the lifestyle does change dramatically, especially with the weight gain.
  • Sleeping is not easy either so you might want to try different positions while you’re at it, or change the orientation in which you are sleeping.
  • All of your ligaments are much more relaxed by now which may cause some back muscle strain.
  • Because of the uterus growth your intestines are being pushed onto, which may cause some digestive issues like heartburn.

Useful information for Week 26


  • Vaginal infections such as thrush represent a threat to your and your baby’s health. You should check for any appearances of this infection so that you can be treated with local antibiotics as soon as possible to prevent any mishaps.


  • With all this extra weight stretching forward you may need to focus on your balance more often. Don’t be shy of using guardrails for additional support while you’re climbing the stairs.
  • It has been proven that all babies have a blue eye color all the way up to a couple of months after delivery, when the color will change and stay as.

Advices for Week 26

  • Use soft clothes all the way around, including your shoes. If necessary, purchase a new pair as your feet will also swell.

Most women are generally afraid of labor. However, you can notice how much of body changes you are experiencing just so that you are capable of finally delivering your baby.

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