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25th Week pregnancy symptoms

What’s happening with your baby in Week 25?

  • In 25th week your baby will reach the length of 9 inches, weighing in at about 1 ¼ pounds.
  • Nostrils clear up, opening a new respiration channel which needs further development.
  • Exploration of the environment and probing with arms and legs becomes baby’s daily activity. Baby also touches and holds parts of her/his body.

What’s happening with you in Week 25?

  • Your lungs expand further but your breath will remain short throughout the end of your pregnancy. This is due to the pressure being applied from the bottom and it is completely normal.
  • By now your weight gain is significant so you may expect visible changes. Don’t worry yourself about it since this weight is actually more water than fat and it will be dismissed easily once you deliver your baby.
  • Cramps are persistent and common, which is a consequence of ligaments softening up.
  • The uterus is now as big as a football, causing compression to your entire stomach which can be felt as a sensation of fullness.
  • The third trimester is making its mark by making you feel tired and sleepy at all times.

Useful information for Week 25

  • Vaginal discharges might be persistent still.
  • Veins are just as genetically caused as stretch marks.
  • There is an interesting statement coming from bra manufacturers and designers that about 70% of women do not purchase a bra which is completely suited to their size.
  • Moving around more will help you deal with leg cramps, which can become quite of a nuisance.

Advices for Week 25

  • If you are still forced to stand in place for longer than half an hour, consider breaking this routine or focus on extra walking sessions or any kind of physical activity where you are working with your legs. Tight stockings can only help you a little bit.

If you are able to, try to maintain a significant level of physical activity, with swimming, walking and yoga being your primary sources of it. Don’t make any hard or sudden moves as this can cause permanent damage to your already softened up ligaments.

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