Pregnancy week

23rd Week pregnancy symptoms

What’s happening with your baby in Week 23?

  • Your baby has now reached the length of about 8 inches, weighing in at 1 whole pound!
  • Newly developed blood vessels in the rain are very fragile and in development.
  • The overall body shape of the baby finally resembles one, being extremely fragile.
  • Placenta is still used as the main source of oxygen – baby won’t have any air in her/his lungs until it is delivered. However, lungs are developing at an accelerated rate.
  • Some fat layers are assembling and depositing under the skin.

What’s happening with you in Week 23?

  • You continue to gain weight linearly as your baby does too.
  • Your body has started automatic preparations for the delivery with joints in between your pelvis loosening up.
  • Smaller, exercise contractions are being displayed by the uterus. It’s important to monitor these and report any abnormalities to your doctor.
  • With the growth of your belly, itchiness will improve. Help yourself by using any kind of anti-itching product.
  • Keep an eye on your sodium intake; if there is an excess of it, you may tend to bloat, as this is a chemical highly efficient with water absorption.

Useful information for Week 23

  • You might want to do some exercises which will help to strengthen up your pelvic muscles – these will allow you for a much better and more efficient delivery procedure.
  • Your baby reacts to your voice as it is calming the baby down. You can also sing to your baby, which will definitely relax and motivate your baby’s brain on some activity.
  • Your baby’s brain is growing at a faster rate, becoming more and more capable with every day.

Advices for Week 23

  • If you need to stand on your legs for a long period of time, make sure to use some special clothing which will help you reduce the pressure. Anything tight on the legs should do just well.

Try to walk as much as you can, but also focus on your stance. Make sure not to succumb too hard to your new body weight and try to stay as upright as you can.

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