Pregnancy week

22nd Week pregnancy symptoms

What’s happening with your baby in Week 22?

  • Your baby is now measuring 7 ½ inches in length, weighing in at about 16 ounces.
  • In this phase babies are known to explore their bodies, particularly head with their hands, where it’s also easy to notice fingernails.
  • Organ functions are now much more emphasized and have a special role.
  • This is your baby’s 5th month of life – if it’s a boy, testes are starting to descend from the abdomen; if it’s a girl, and uterus and ovaries are all in their respective places.

What’s happening with you in Week 22?

  • Usually women tend to worry about the labor process in this phase, especially if this is their first pregnancy.
  • Rib cage is growing in its thickness, allowing your lungs to expand to their fullest, even though there is significant pressure coming from below.
  • Vaginal discharge might be increasing in intensity at this phase, developing different infections as well.
  • With your uterus expanding even further you might be having some difficulties bending over.

Useful information for Week 22

  • Iris of the baby still carries no particular color, even though eyes have been fully developed.
  • Stretch marks are unavoidable; a majority of pregnant women get them and it all really depends on your genes.
  • Your baby is now capable of swallowing about 500 mL of amniotic fluid within a single day.

Advices for Week 22

  • If your stretch marks are itching, try to use some natural butter or oils. These will help to relief the itching and it’s a solution which actually lasts quite a bit of time.
  • Massages are excellent for relaxation, both mentally and physically so you should practice these as much as you can, especially if you’re very stressful.

There is a whole variety of special maternity items which may make your life a bit easier. A good example of this is the full body pillow which provides you with extra comfort. If there are no maternity stores near your place, you can use the Internet to get yourself one of these, as they really are popular items which can be bought for an affordable price.

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