Maintaining a Healthy Diet During Chemotherapy

The coronavirus has completely flipped most people’s lives upside down and disrupted their normal routines. One of those routines being an annual checkup with the doctor. While we dearly hope you will never need it, we at Breast Cancer Car Donations put together a guide on how to maintain a healthy diet if you or […]


Go through Soberlink Reviews for Self-Discovery Study to Know about Soberlink

Top Soberlink reviews online have different feedbacks which vary depending on the device configuration, age and functionalities. Brand breathalyzers are professional-grade accurate with superb performance. It is a powerful tool for you to track BRAC/ Breath alcohol content in your body. You are safe if your BRAC level is low. Most road accidents happen because […]


Cpr Classes By The Wellness Firm

The Wellness Firm was founded by local Firemen and has been serving Tampa Bay since 2006. The Wellness Firm was formed at the height of the pandemic to keep local bars and restaurants open. We also provide testing and disinfecting services. We offer the best care using cutting-edge technologies and top-of-the-line treatments. American Heart Association […]

Stretching Stomach
Weight Loss

4 Ways to Prevent Stretching Your Stomach after Gastric Bypass

If you’ve just had gastric bypass surgery, or if you’re considering it, then one of the most common questions people ask is how to prevent stretching their stomach after gastric bypass. There are many things that can be done to help avoid this! In this article, we will talk about four ways to prevent stretching […]


K2 Spice | Understanding Everything about the Synthetic Cannabis

K2 spice refers to the class of synthetic cannabinoids that are made in a lab and are known to have similar effects as marijuana. This synthetic cannabis is commonly used for recreational purposes and is known to have several side effects which makes it important that you understand all about the product before blindly using […]


What are the Best Supplements to Boost My Energy?

Do you find yourself having a hard time staying awake? Are you easily tired when doing activities that used to take less energy? You can maintain your natural energy levels through a healthy diet, regular exercise, and getting adequate sleep. However, you can’t always juggle all three, especially with work and personal life to take […]


6 Health Problems Discoverable During Routine Eye Exams

If you’re searching for an affordable eye exam from reputable clinics like Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care, you may be surprised with what can be caught during your check-up. Eye exams aren’t only about checking your vision, but your overall health! An eye doctor in Avon Indiana knows that your eyes are the windows to […]

bariatric surgery

Vitamin Guidelines After Bariatric Surgery

In recent years, bariatric surgery has grown to be a popular option for people struggling with obesity. This type of surgery is designed to reduce the size of the stomach so that patients can limit how much food they consume at one time. The procedure also limits the number of nutrients and vitamins absorbed by […]