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19th Week pregnancy symptoms

What’s happening with your baby in Week 19?

  • In 19th week your baby measures 6 inches tops, weighing in at about 200 grams. You can compare your baby with an average orange in size now.
  • Baby acquires a smooth, white coating on the skin which provides additional protection.
  • Brain continues to grow, developing basic functions such as touch, smell, hearing, sight as well as complex connections; e.g. stress or some other feelings might find their way to the baby’s brain, asking for a response with more activity. Hearing is now highly developed.
  • It’s possible for the baby to establish a preference between being left or right handed.
  • Neurons continue to develop at an outstanding rate.
  • Kidneys have developed and it is possible for the baby to make urine, which is being excreted into amniotic fluid.

What’s happening with you in Week 19?

  • In this or the following week you are eligible for ultrasound check, where baby’s organs will be analyzed.
  • Feelings of anxiety and worrying about your pregnancy are still prominent.
  • Your breasts continue to soften up and become bigger in size.
  • Back pain may become a factor since your uterus expands, becoming heavier and shifting the center of your gravity forwards.

Useful information for Week 19

  • Third trimester is usually linked with back pain, as the weight really does increase. It may strike sooner or after, but generally speaking this is when you may experience first back pain symptoms due to pregnancy.
  • Joints may soften up as well, which is another cause for your back ache as there is less support on them.

Advices for Week 19

  • Since your body will now need more energy, you may feel irritable after a while, with no obvious reasons. If this occurs, try to eat more of the healthy foods, or a quick snack since lack of energy might cause this.

Try not to eat any artificial and industry processed foods, not because of the sugar or unhealthy fat, yet because of all the chemicals which are used for their production. These can cause some damage to the baby in a short while.

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