Pregnancy week

17th Week pregnancy symptoms

What’s happening with your baby in Week 17?

  • At this point your baby measures about 6 inches in length and about 100 grams in weight.
  • Head is still dominating over the body, but the progress of the body is significant as well.
  • This week marks the beginning of a very important change – fat generation. This allows the baby to stay warm, providing her/him with extra energy as well.
  • The heart is now working hard, pumping over 25 liters of blood in a single day.
  • Ears have reached the next checkpoint in terms of functionality and the baby can now detect sounds from the outside and react to them.

What’s happening with you in Week 17?

  • Emergency urination should be gone by now.
  • Due to the noticeable increase in size, you should consider wearing proper clothes to make yourself more comfortable.
  • You should be gaining up to 4 kilograms at this point.
  • Your uterus is now growing into your abdomen, not being attached to any spot.
  • It is possible for you to feel some of baby’s movements.

Useful information for Week 17

Legs cramping up

  • It’s important that you don’t stand in one spot for too long – this can cause cramps in the muscles.
  • Try to sleep and rest on your side.
  • Minerals can be used to reduce the intensity of cramps.


  • Baby is now monitored through ultrasound devices which can be used to take a closer look at the baby, even though it is still too small for any deformities confirmation.


  • Progesterone is a hormone responsible for your sensitivity towards carbon dioxide, making you feel short breathed.
  • Estrogen causes your uterus to increase 1000 times, closing a volume of about 5 liters. It also becomes heavier, from 50 to 500 grams in its maximum stretch.

Advices for Week 17

  • If you’d like you can now play soothing music to your baby, as this will motivate the brain of the baby to work and develop.

Keeping your sodium levels lower is crucial as you’d want to avoid swelling and all kinds of different water accumulation problems.

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