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17 day Diet Meal Plan

How much time would you need to lose a significant amount of weight? One year? Six months perhaps? How about 17 days? Yes, that’s right; it’s possible to lose weight as long as you follow the 17 day diet meal plan which I’ll be analyzing here. It was thought up by Dr. Mike Moreno, a doctor with a lot of experience in weight loss routines and adapting different programs to different profiles of people. Our organism is fairly complex and it definitely doesn’t function in a straight forward fashion. Because of this, you can either achieve the opposite effect on one side, or a great effect on the other, as long as you study this program thoroughly or apply it to your daily routine. This routine is well-known throughout the world at the moment and a lot of people have benefited from it. With such huge popularity, it’s easy to track down success stories from other people if you’re looking for a bit more motivation.

How does it work?

Contrary to the general belief, this is not one of those diets which promise instant success within a 17 day period. These kinds of programs are designed in order to provide a short living result which only provides temporary satisfaction, quickly returning you back to your old habits once you’re finished with the routine. With the program made by Dr. Moreno, the focus is put on 17 day phases, out of four in total.

In the first phase, which is the most intense one, the individual is looking to cut down up to 20 pounds. This is a phase where you stress your body so that it feels endangered and turns up the “defense” mechanisms. By cutting down on carbohydrates and fatty foods, while increasing the amount of liquid you intake as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, success is right within your reach. Lean meat will help you to get out of those hungry sessions, when you’re craving for fattening foods and you can eat as much of the vegetables and fruits as you want.

The second phase is the first one that lasts 17 days, where you increase the amount of carbohydrates. You are basically adding servings to the previous phase and will trick your organism by this cycling of carbohydrates, which helps to improve your metabolism.

The third phase also lasts for 17 days. This is when you need to focus on searching for activities and healthy habits you can endure until the rest of your life. Any extreme measures taken during this period need to be recognized and eliminated, while still strictly restraining you from industrial food.

Fourth phase accumulates all of the benefits you’ve gained in the previous phases and acts as a relaxation period, during which you need to test your new habits. Basically, this phase lasts for the rest of your life and if you haven’t reached your goal until now, return to the second phase and repeat the steps until you do.

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