Pregnancy week

11th Week pregnancy symptoms

What’s happening with your baby in Week 11?

  • At this point your baby has reached the size of a peanut, measuring in at about 6 centimeters top, weighing in at about 8 grams.
  • This is the time when rapid growth initiates.
  • Blood vessels are now multiplying, keeping up with all the nutrients that are being sent to the baby to accommodate the intense growth which is about to follow.
  • Genitals show their presence, even though gender is not as easy to be determined just yet.

What’s happening with you in Week 11?

  • Acnes and glowing skin are common in this phase, as well as other changes in appearance like increased nail and hair growth.
  • All of these changes are linked to hormones, more blood circulating around and it’s all temporary.
  • With the first trimester almost coming to an end, the uterus has reached a phase where you feel its expansion in the abdomen.

Useful information for Week 11

Baby’s tricks

  • With a significant increase in brain development, your baby now shows first signs of movement, opening and closing the mouth and even sucking its thumb.
  • It’s possible to hear baby’s heartbeat in this phase which is about double of the normal, adult’s heartbeat, settling in at about 160 beats per minute.

Placenta functions

  • Placenta carries an important role and is exclusive to this pregnancy period. It can eliminate some infections and serves as a protective layer for your baby but it doesn’t stand a chance against alcohol, caffeine and other harmful products.
  • Stress can put a lot of strain on the placenta as well, reducing its efficiency in battling infections.

Advices for Week 11

  • If you’re noticing significant changes on your skin, with acne appearing all over the place, try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, along with drinking more water.
  • With the internal changes you may have some pressure on your bladder and it’s very important not to ignore pee emergencies.

In terms of bathing, there is nothing to be changed other than temperature perhaps, which shouldn’t exceed 39°C. Make sure you do this as a hot bath may damage your sensitive skin at this point.

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